Seed Pacs

  • Growing Made Simple™

    Anew Green Seed Pacs, patent pending, are an environmental growing solution developed to make planting easy.  Each Pac is an all-inclusive environment containing seeds and nutrients, such as soil and fertilizer, which provide seeds the best opportunity to grow in a variety of soil conditions and locations.  No more digging or transporting heavy bags of soil.  No tools required.  Just drop the Pac where plant growth is desired and water. The outer material of the Pacs will dissolve away only when moisture is applied.

    Our Seed Pacs are educational for those new to gardening, convenient for busy people, small-spaces and urban gardeners, and helpful for pollinators and land restoration.  You can place Seed Pacs in planter pots and gardens, or toss randomly and let rain handle the rest.

    We provide non-GMO, neonicotinoid free seeds, which are heirloom whenever possible.

  • Just Drop to Plant™


    Step 1: Place Seed Pacs on top of soil.  Do not bury in the ground.

    Step 2: Initially water to dissolve the outer material of the Pac and saturate the contents.

    Step 3: For best results, continue to water daily until germination occurs.

    Step 4: Once growth occurs, continue to water as needed for the type of plant and environment.

    Step 5: Enjoy!




Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs and Flowers.
  • Simply distribute pacs where desired.
  • The pacs make it easy to space out where you want plants to grow.
  • 1 pac typically covers 1-2 sqft once plants grow.  Perfect for planter pots!
  • Organic, neonicotinoid free and non-GMO seeds; many are heirloom varieties.
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Our Pacs make it simple to beautify roadsides or recover destroyed land. Just drop the Pacs in the desired location and let the climate handle the rest.

  • Made in USA
  • Need a quote for customized Seed Pacs?  Please contact us.   If possible, let us know the type of seed and the estimated size of the area for your project.
  • Seed Pacs are designed to fit specific soil conditions.
  • Minimal land intrusion because our Pacs can be distributed by hand, material spreader, or by air.
  • Land Restoration and Rehabilitation Information



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Our Seed Pacs are also available in many local stores, such as Ace Hardware. If you would like more information please contact us.

What are seed pacs made out of?

BioChar – pyrolyzed wood from clean and renewable local sources

Humate – useful in releasing locked minerals within soil for better plant fertilization; high quality, content analysis and local sources

Compost – a combination of aged and sterilized diary, equine and woody biomass

Mulch – sterilized local and renewable sources

Seeds – appropriate amount of seeds of each variety are included in each pac

Please Note: Germination will not occur until moisture is applied