3 Different Ways to Preserve Herbs


Photo Credit: Danielle Walquist Lynch via CC License

Regardless of how the rest of my garden performs, herbs are the constant, the stalwart I can count on every season. Basil, oregano, rosemary, and thyme all flourished this year, and with the cold approaching fast, I want to preserve them for use throughout the winter.

I’ve already shared some of my favorite uses for basil. There are many other ways to save your herbs, however Here are some of my favorites:

Drying Herbs

One of the simplest ways to preserve herbs like oregano, sage, rosemary, and thyme, according to TheKitchn.com, is to dry them. Simply tie the stems together and hang them upside down in a dry place away from sunlight. Once they dry completely and the leaves crumble, store them in an airtight container for up to a year. Alternatively, you can dry the herbs by placing them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper in an oven set at 150 degrees for approximately four hours.

Freezing Herbs

According to Gardener’s Supply Company, herbs can also be preserved in the freezer. The process for doing so is simple:

  1. Rinse the herbs and allow them to dry completely
  2. Remove the leaves from the stems and lay them flat on a cookie sheet
  3. Place them in the freezer
  4. Once frozen, put them on a plastic bag

You can then use the herbs any time you want, and with frozen herbs, the essential oils in them are preserved.

Herb Infused Oil

Another great way to save herbs is to infuse them in oil. This article by Rodale’s Organic Life says that your best bet is to dry them in either the sun or a fruit dehydrator and then combine 2 tablespoons of herbs with 2 cups of oil. I prefer extra virgin olive oil. Be sure to keep these oils in your refrigerator and use them within three weeks. Alternatively, you can freeze the mixture in ice cube trays to preserve them for much longer.

Grow Herbs Year Round Indoors

Don’t let the cold winter months stop you from growing herbs. Start and indoor herb garden today to enjoy fresh herbs all winter. You can purchase an Anew Green Herb Kit today complete with basil, sage, cilantro, lemon balm, mint, oregano, parsley, and thyme Seed Pacs.

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